Vocus: Media Closures Slowed In Q3

The rate at which newspapers and magazines die off appears to be slowing, reports PR software company Vocus on its blog, InVocus.

According to the company’s media outlets database, thirty five newspapers closed in the past three months, the majority being community weeklies, and the U.S. lost only one large daily paper—the Ann Arbor News.

flickr: nDevilTV

This is in comparison to 90 papers closing in Q1 2009 including two biggies: the Baltimore Examiner and the Rocky Mountain News.

Radio stations have stayed about the same in number but many local programs have been dropped in favor of syndicated content.

Vocus says about 377 magazines, both business and consumer, folded in the past three months while 82 launched. (Note: Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni has, as usual, a different total—he recently posted that 71 consumer-only magazines launched in the month of September alone. For more about his methodology, read our post here).

Does this mean media jobs for all? Not likely, but it may mean that some of those who are holding on may have weathered the worst.

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