Irish Newspaper Copy Edits Vogue

An overstated Ruth Negga catch.

The January cover of the U.S. edition of Vogue magazine was unveiled earlier this week. It showcases Ruth Negga, star of the dramatic film Loving.

This weekend, Ireland’s The Independent has an item headlined “Oops! Vogue Magazine Seems to Think Ruth Negga Is British.” But that’s not entirely accurate.

Rather, in the cover story, which clearly understands that Negga was born in Ethiopia and raised in Ireland, there is at one point an awkward reference to her professional career in London:

At a time when most British exports to Hollywood have tended toward the aristocratic, this Irish-Ethiopian actress is a different kind of royalty, a “brilliant chameleon,” in the words of her friend the director Annie Ryan, fit for a world of equal rights and dissolving borders.

An edit of “British exports” to say, something like “British acting industry exports,” would have fixed the confusion. In the piece, reporter Gaby Wood mentions that she picked up Negga at the London apartment the actress shares with Dominic Cooper.

All in all, not quite on the level of what a certain Irish journalist warned could be a hazard of 2016 awards season.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.