Vook Launches 19 Vooks for iPad Today

Vook announced that it is launching 19 Vooks for the iPad today. In fact, they are now all live in the App store, and you can browse and buy them with this link.

As you can see from the image above, Vook has adapted its format to fit the iPad’s larger screen. iPad-enhanced titles include Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Super Idea Virus (from which that screenshot comes); The Sherlock Holmes Experience (which is being given away free for now as a promotion); and a version of Alice In Wonderland.

In a statement, Bradley Inman, Vook CEO and founder said, “We will remember the iPad launch as the day that the publishing industry officially made the leap to mixed-media digital formats and never looked back…We have long anticipated the launch of next generation of tablets and have ensured that vooks were ready to fully take advantage of the amazing multimedia functionality and touch screen features of the iPad. We can’t wait for people to be able to experience vooks on these devices.”