Vook on iPad: An eBookNewser Review and Video

The video above gives you a quick glimpse of two of the 19 titles that Vook has released for iPad: The Sherlock Holmes Experience and Brothers Grimm: Tales to Read and Watch. If this blogger was skeptical about Vooks as they appeared on the iPhone, he’s coming around to them now on the iPad. The bigger screen really does make a difference.

As you see in the video and the screen shot below, Vook has been able to integrate the video content, illustrations, and links into the layout of the virtual book page. It looks like a normal illustrated print book, except that some of those illustrations have a play button and move. Another cool feature is that links open up a small in-app browser, so you’re not kicked into Safari, and you can just close the pop-up browser window and get back to reading, or watching.

This has got huge potential on the iPad, and Vook’s already off to a strong start.

The shot below shows you a typical page from the Grimm’s Vook.