Vote to See Inside Facebook and Inside Network Panels at SXSW

The Inside Network editorial team has proposed several panels for this year’s South By Southwest Interactive and Music Conferences, but we need your votes to get them on the program — and voting is just about to end, so now is the time to check them out if you haven’t already.

The panels look at:

  1. Why brands need third-party Facebook service providers such as Page management and Ads API companies
  2. How Facebook Credits can power digital media sales and be used as ecommerce purchase incentives
  3. How musicians can best market themselves using Facebook
  4. The ways film and TV studios are integrating with social games

Here’s a closer look at the four panels we’ve proposed. If you think these are important issues, please follow the links and vote for them. Help us out even if you aren’t planning to attend, as some panels will be livestreamed, and we’ll publish coverage of the discussions.

Brands Need 3rd-Party Tools to Succeed on Facebook

Can brands succeed at Facebook marketing on their own? We’ll discuss with the heads of the biggest service providers on the Facebook Platform what problems third-parties can solve for brands more efficiently than they can solve on their own, including advertising, brand presence, and promotion. We’ll also look at some of the biggest questions brands are confronted with when choosing service providers, and why marketing on a social platform requires different partnership strategies than what brand are used to. Moderated by Josh Constine, Lead Writer of Inside Facebook. Panelists include:

  • Michael Lazerow, CEO, Buddy Media, Page management
  • Victoria Ransom, CEO, Wildfire Interactive, Page management
  • Patrick Toland, US Managing Director, TBG Digital Inc., Ads API

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Facebook Credits: Not Just for Virtual Goods

Facebook Credits, the social network’s virtual currency, has become the exclusive payment method for all Facebook games. Now, more users are maintaining a balance of Facebook Credits, and more users want them. This has opened new business and marketing opportunities. Content owners can license streaming access or downloads of their content in exchange for Facebook Credits. Meanwhile, ecommerce companies can reward users with Credits for marking purchases or signing up for email lists. Representatives of companies pioneering the use of Facebook Credits outside of social games will discuss the current state of Facebook Credits and their typical uses, explain how virtual currencies are already disrupting several industries, and debate which types of transactions are the next to be changed by the emergence of a virtual currency that is in demand and cheap to distribute. Moderated by Eric Eldon, Editor of Inside Network. Panelists include:

  • Suchit Dash, Co-founder, Ifeelgoods, Inc., virtual goods incentives
  • Dean Alms – VP of Marketing and Biz Dev, Milyoni, ecommerce
  • Jennifer Taylor – Manager of Product Marketing, Facebook Inc., social networking

Facebook Music Marketing: Pages, Feeds, and Games

Musicians are adopting Facebook as a core component of their online marketing strategy as the importance of Myspace fades. But which of Facebook’s social channels should artists focus on? Streaming music from their Facebook Page? Gaining fans by trading news feed posts with other musicians? Selling music and and driving listens within social games? Heads of some of most influential Facebook music marketing companies will debate which of these channels is most important, and we’ll discuss how bands can tie the channels together to conduct successful marketing campaigns that don’t spam Facebook’s users. Moderated by Josh Constine, Lead Writer of Inside Facebook. Panelists include:

  1. J Sider – CEO, RootMusic, musician profile apps
  2. Mike More – CEO,, news feed post exchange
  3. Albin Serviant – CEO, MXP4, music games
  4. Meredith Chin – Manager of Corporate Communications, Facebook, social networking

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TV & Film in the Age of the Social Game

What does Jersey Shore have to do with FarmVille? Major media producers like Starz, A&E and MTV are capturing new audiences both online and off by leveraging the power of social games on Facebook. As more licensed entertainment brands integrate with social games on the platform, what are the greatest risks, and who is taking the lion’s share of rewards? Join us for a critical look at social game integrations that are headed for a crash, and the ones that are getting it right. Moderated by Amanda Glasser, Lead Writer of Inside Social Games. Panelists include:

  • David Katz – Director of Digital Media, Starz Media, television
  • Kris Soumas – A+E Networks Digital (Games), television and games
  • Catherine Herdlick – Product Manager, 6waves, social games

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