Vox CEO Jim Bankoff Talks Digital Media

"We are clearly seeing some big shifts in the way that people consume things."

Women’s Wear Daily interviewed Vox Media’s CEO Jim Bankoff, and it’s well worth a read. Bankoff comments on a wide array of subjects, from Gawker’s recent identity crisis to how his digital-only company compares to traditional powerhouses, like Hearst and Condé Nast. Below are some highlights.

On why some traditional media companies have a hard time transitioning to the digital world:

If you have a culture and a workflow that is built up on one model and you have to jeopardize that culture and workflow — how willing are you to do that? It’s about real, structural trade-offs that have to be made. It might actually be a bad decision to make some of those trade-offs.

On how he plans to use some of NBC’s investment:

One general area, however, is around programming and finding opportunities to make video programming together that would run across our platform, their platforms.

On the recent drama surrounding Gawker:

I have tremendous respect for Nick [Denton] and what he has built. Frankly, he’s been an inspiration to me. I met him in my AOL days and I really admired what he was building. I will leave it at that. Gawker is Nick and he knows what to do with that company.