“Vs.” App Lets You Pit Any Two Topics Against Each Other To See What’s Trending On Twitter

A new app called “vs.” from San Francisco-based text analysis specialists OpenAmplify lets you pit any two words against each other to see which is trending higher on Twitter.

The app uses natural language processing to analyze tweets in real time for sentiment, relevance and trends.

Using the app is super simple. Choose any two topics to compare and hit the arrow button:

The app then breaks down the most recent tweets on each topic to determine which is currently more loved on Twitter. That sentiment is measured by a proprietary “vs. score.”

You can also see what vs. searches are currently trending, using the bar graph icon on the bottom of the app:

You can also share your vs. search via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn or via email or text message.

The app has had close to 3K downloads already so it’s off to a good start. Download it here.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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