Vungle launches ad exchange for mobile video ads


App monetization company Vungle has announced the launch of its advertising exchange built exclusively for in-app videos. The company’s patent-pending technology allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell in-app ad inventory with the goal of providing a better end-user experience. Using this launch, Vungle hopes to put “the best parts of TV ads in apps.”

“Until now, apps were a no-man’s-land when it came to brand advertising,” said Vungle CEO Zain Jaffer. “Our new exchange completely changes the in-app landscape by giving developers easy access to brand ads. Instead of annoying pop-up banner ads, it’s like TV on your phone.”

Vungle Exchange will only serve high-resolution, high-bitrate ads of 15 seconds in length, ensuring a standard high ad quality across the platform. The company says it has the lowest latency on the market, and can serve a video ad before one can blink. In addition, the platform allows both app developers and advertisers to manage their ads, giving developers control over the kinds of ads that appear in their apps, so ads are served to appropriate audiences.

Furthermore, Vungle Exchange utilizes algorithms to optimize between standard brand ads and those aimed to drive app installs, relative to each user, to maximize revenue for developers and returns for advertisers.

The platform will support a variety of ad formats, which are currently in development for release throughout this next year. The Exchange platform is being rolled out to select developers now, but all interested developers can prepare for access by installing Version 3.0 of the Vungle SDK.

More information on Vungle’s ad exchange can be found on the company’s website.

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