Topless Robot Readers Welcome New Editor Luke Y. Thompson

Longtime Los Angeles film critic, part-time actor and recent content gatekeeper Luke Y. Thompson doesn’t start his new job as editor of Village Voice Media’s geek blog Topless Robot until next week. But already, the commenters to his welcome message post are keeping him busy.

As we were looking at that post, a real-time widget kept alerting us about two, five, three new comments… Seriously, with a readership as hungry and responsive as this, LYT seems to be in for a fun, fast and furious next career phase. Assuming he can keep up.

When one reader suggested that Thompson’s paucity of comment responses this morning meant that perhaps he had already been “broken” by Topless Robot Nation, LYT replied:

@GeekGamerGirl Well, I am still wrapping up at my current job… there’ll be more time later.

Meanwhile, here’s how few other readers welcomed LYT to the VVM blog fold:

Someguy Boy, I hope they cleared the comments from the last couple weeks. I’d hate to damage this guy before he starts. Does he come with a warranty?

dcollins2988 Welcome to the site, LYT. I look forward to watching your slow but inevitable descent into alcoholism.

Actually, when it comes to LA journalism job openings and winning candidates, rarely is the peg-match as unequivocal. Congrats… and Geek Speed!

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.