Waiting for Kindle for Android? Keep Waiting. But, More Info Available

Nice find by the good people at TechCrunch:

Kindle For Android Hits This Summer — And You Can Buy Books In It

I’ve been wondering about and waiting for a Kindle ebook reader for Android. I’ve read 2.5 novels on my iPhone (and iPod touch) and a smattering of pages on my iPad. But, I’m really curious to see what ebook text looks like on great Droid and Nexus One displays.

TechCrunch reports that you’ll be able to buy books right from Android devices. I believe that you will be able to buy ebooks using an Android device. However, I’m not convinced that this activity will be performed from within the Kindle app at TechCrunch seems to imply. Amazon says: Buy a book from the Kindle Store optimized for your Android phone and get it auto-delivered wirelessly. This sounds more like an web page designed for use in the Android’s web browser.

Kindle for Android product page

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