Waiting for Santa? Track Him with This App From NORAD

Thanks to a misprinted Sears ad in 1955, the U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been “tracking” Santa Claus for anxious children everywhere. With the advent of technology, you won’t have to call a number – the Santa tracker is available as an iPhone app, an Android app, and on NORAD’s official Santa website.

The new sophisticated tracker comes with help from Canada,as well as corporate sponsors like Microsoft who said, “This has been a fantastic experience for us. We’ve been honored to partner with NORAD to bring their 58-year tradition of delighting children across the world by tracking Santa Claus on the web in a richer and more immersive way. NORAD Tracks Santa is a special part of the holidays for many families around the world and there are many people working behind the scenes to spread the magic of the holidays this time of year.”

NORAD Santa tracker comes with an assortment of Christmas goodies including music and games. To learn more about NORAD’s mission, visit the official website. For those seeking a Santa tracker with less military flair, check out Google’s Santa Tracker app.

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