Wake Up With Pandora: New App Update Adds Radio Alarm Feature and New Design

Pandora’s new update is an exciting redesign to match the new iOS 7, but it also includes the popular pre-smartphone feature of a radio alarm. This is basically how I woke up in middle school, high school, and even college, before switching to new technology.

The app’s alarm feature works much like regular alarms – just tp on the song title or artist to turn off the music of snooze by shaking your phone. It’s a great addition to Pandora’s sleep timer feature, a great way to fall asleep. Basically, Pandora’s trying to be your best app for sleepitimes.

You can set the snooze option for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute increments. When the snooze option is activated, your music will pause and the amount of time remaining will be displayed along with a progress bar counting down how many minutes you have left before the alarm will go off again. As an added benefit, we’ve created an easier way for those of you who are typically a slave to your snooze button to get those extra zzz’s (hint:you don’t have to be fully awake to give your mobile device a good shake). If you enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of your favorite Pandora tunes, the Alarm Clock was built to also work in conjunction with the Sleep Timer.

Here’s a visual guide to setting your alarm. Android users, your app update is coming as well.