Wall Street Journal Launches ‘Greater New York’ Section; Fight With Times Is Now Real

The Wall Street Journal‘s sixteen-page “Greater New York” metro section made its debut today, touching off what many expect to be an intense and perhaps painful old-school newspaper war with NYC rival The New York Times.

The section hit New York newsstands after an intensive marketing push. Ahead of the launch, the Journal made its way into local Starbucks coffee shops, a distribution channel the Times had dominated. It also offered deals to both readers and advertisers as the rollout approached. The results of these efforts are palpable; today, your editor was surprised to see the paper at his corner bodega for the first time. The proprietor told us a vendor had come by only days before.

The fight over coverage of the Journal‘s debut has also sizzled. Today, New York Times publicist Robert Christie sent out a mass email to reporters with the subject “Read Before WSJ Presser.” Attached was a PowerPoint presentation touting the Times‘s strengths. The battle for New Yorkers’ attention is reaching a fever pitch. Last week, Christie — whom the Times poached from Journal parent Dow Jones in March, gave the media some blistering quotes about his former employer.

That’s no surprise. Many have expected the Journal‘s new section to touch off an ugly battle as the two journalistic titans vie for scoops, readership and — of course — ad dollars.

Throughout the day, FishbowlNY will offer multiple takes on the JournalTimes New York turf war. Stay tuned for in-depth breakdowns of the sections in terms of advertising, content, tone and more.

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