Wall Street Journal Publisher Les Hinton Named Editor & Publisher’s 2010 Publisher Of The Year

Dow Jones & Co. CEO and Wall Street Journal publisher Les Hinton is this year’s Editor & Publisher’s Publisher of the Year.

Hinton, who has been at News Corp. nearly 50 years, has a fan in boss Rupert Murdoch. He says of Hinton:

Les is a lifetime colleague of mine and one of our industry’s most respected executives. He has an enviable record of success, across the globe and across many of our businesses, that continues today at Dow Jones. I am confident Les will continue to shape Dow Jones to not just successfully adapt, but to thrive, in the coming years.

One reason Hinton is raking in accolades might be his unshakable confidence, especially at a time when newspapers in general aren’t doing so spectacularly. Says Hinton of the Journal: “What we decided to do is we would become the unarguable, unchallengeable paper of record in this country.”

He then followed up by kicking over a newsstand and bellowing, “The New York Times is the paper we line birdcages with so our paper can take a shit on it!” No. He didn’t. Les Hinton is a gentleman.

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