Employee ‘TBD’ Projects Coming Soon to WSJ.com

JasonBelliniPicWall Street Journal executive editor Alma Latour took time out from his busy schedule to run down with journalism.co.uk’s Rachel Bartlett the various ways his newspaper is endeavoring to remain cutting-edge.

Employees rely on Storyful, recently purchased by parent News Corp., and video-chat service Spreecast; they get to participate in an internal, one-week immersion known as Digital Journalism at Dow Jones (DJ at DJ); and, for a potential cash prize, they participate in a new contest known as “TBD” (short, in this case, for “To Be Discovered”):

By setting up a dedicated contest which encourages its staff to think innovatively, the news outlet can drive new thinking from potentially new sources.

“We want to make sure good ideas, maybe ones that haven’t found their way to one of these [aforementioned] teams, still have a shot at being heard at the very least,” Latour explained, “and also have a realistic shot at being made into a real feature.”

The winners of TBD, Round One, were Jason Bellini (pictured), a senior producer on the New York video desk (for “Global Scavenger Hunt”), and Neal Boudette, global automotive correspondent (“In a Nutshell”). Watch for their projects soon on the WSJ website.

[Photo courtesy: WSJ]

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