Walter White Lives… In San Bernardino

Fans of the show Breaking Bad may want to check out this story in the LA Times about 43-year-old Cal State San Bernardino professor of kinesiology Stephen Kinzey. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has a warrant out for Kinzey for being the leader of a meth-dealing motorcycle gang called the Devils Diciples. As far as we know, Kinzey doesn’t have cancer like Walter White does in Breaking Bad. But the teaching… the meth… the baldness… You can see it, can’t you?

Anyway, from the Times:

The six-month investigation culminated with a joint drug task force raiding Kinzey’s home Friday, recovering a pound of methamphetamine as well as a number of rifles, handguns and biker paraphernalia…

Kinzey’s live-in girlfriend, Holly Robinson, 33, a 2005 CSUSB graduate, was taken into custody during the raid and faces charges of possession and sale of methamphetamine and numerous firearms violations.

Det. Jason Rosenbaum said that Robinson was Kinzey’s business partner and helped him distribute meth to mid-level dealers in the cities of San Bernardino, Highland, Redlands and the community of Mentone.

You’d figure so long as investigators had been looking into Kinzey for six months, they could have waited until he was home to break down his door. Now Kinzey is off and running–and since he’s a professor of kinesiology, we’re guessing he’ll be pretty good at it.

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