Want More BUTT? Wait Until 2011

BUTT, the “pocket-size, quarterly magazine for and about homosexuals,” is taking a break from publication, according to an email to readers published by the New York Observer.

The email, from founders Gert Jonkers, Jop van Bennekom and editors Felix Burrichter, Adam Baran and Michael Bullock features the word BUTT or its kissing cousin, BUTTHEADS, eight times. It also informs readers that the next issue will not be out until 2011. Also: “Meanwhile, a follow-up of the delicious BUTT 2010 calendar is well on its way for 2011. Stay tuned!”

BUTT was founded in 2001 and is published and printed in the Netherlands, but lives on the Web here. (If you have some kind of crazily uptight boss, be careful about clicking? But really it’s not a big deal.) We’re looking forward to seeing it again.

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