Want to Plan an LA Times Editor’s Wedding?

Plan My Wedding” is a new blog at the LA Times Magazine whose author, assistant editor Allison Kornberg, is quite literally allowing readers to decide the fate of her wedding.

She writes to tell us more:

It’s not your average follow-me-on-my-wedding-planning blog. Rather, I am letting my readers decide on Everything, including date (they already picked May), where (readers chose by the beach), my dress, my bridesmaids dresses, flowers, cakes, music, honeymoon, and the wedding list goes on and on. The blog has all the human interest elements: love & romance, fear, family politics, budget, embarrassments, and of course, the humorous moments I constantly encounter.

For Kornberg’s sake, she better hope the folks in the non-designated LA Times Mag zipcodes don’t get a peek at the blog. If the Echo Park kids get a hold of this thing the groom will be in skinny jeans she’ll wind up wearing an American Apparel thong unitard.

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