Want to Walk While You Work? Hello, Treadmill Desks

Have you ever wished there was more time in the day to exercise? Or maybe you realized how much you sit all day long in front of your computer on a daily basis?

Introducing the treadmill desk. Susan Orlean recently wrote about it in The New Yorker and mentioned it’s not necessarily for running but walking at one or two miles per hour “is slow enough so that it doesn’t interfere with typing or talking or reading.” Actually, it’s been around for several years but it’s getting a lot of press lately.

This walking workstation equates to a surface high enough for a worker who just happens to be walking instead of sitting.

She explained to NPR:

“It’s a bit of an ungainly looking thing. It’s a treadmill – a normal treadmill but it doesn’t have the guardrails or the console that a normal treadmill has, so that it can fit under a desk. But the desk, in order to accommodate the fact that you’re standing, and you’re actually standing several inches up on your treadmill, is an elevated desk. So I have a normal desk and then I have a kind of platform that sits on it and my computer sits on that platform. I wouldn’t say it’s beautiful but it’s functional. So I stand on the treadmill, and I walk and I work on my computer, and I do phone calls, and I read and I do all the things that I normally do. It just happens that I’m walking the whole time.”

She added, “The funny thing is that when I leave my office, it’s not that I think, oh, my God. Thank goodness I can finally go sit. I find that I have more energy, and what I think often comes to mind is, oh, I think I’ll take the dog and go for a walk.”