Want Your MOCAtv? L.A. Museum Launches YouTube Channel

L.A.-based Studio Number One designed the identity for LA MOCA’s new YouTube channel.

Neither the ousting of a star chief curator, mutinying board members, nor the bad juju of John Baldessari shall keep the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles from its appointed multimedia presence. This week marks the debut of the institution’s YouTube channel, MOCAtv, promising a steady stream of “fresh contemporary art and culture programming.” And there’s plenty to choose from. Watch artist video projects in West Coast Video Art and MOCAtv Presents, two new series that will delve into the work of everyone from Martha Rosler to Assume Vivid Astro Focus. Pay a virtual visit to the workspaces of Sterling Ruby and Raymond Pettibon in The Artist’s Studio. And soak up the sounds of musical matchups such as Tracey Emin and Harper Simon in Art+Music Originals, which on November 13 premieres “Mutual Core,” a new music video by Björk directed by L.A.-based filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang. Meanwhile, with Jeffrey Deitch at the helm, MOCAtv will continue where the museum’s “Art in Streets” blockbuster left off. Look for a mix of fresh work from Barry McGee, Retna, Swoon, and the gang along with historic footage of street art masters (surreptitiously) at work. A word to the wise: new subscribers to the channel receive a free three-month membership to LA MOCA.