Want YouTube Views? Just Show Off Your Boobs

A new YouTube video is proving that a great rack may be all you need to shortcut your way to YouTube success!

Want to get more views on your YouTube videos?  There are a lot of things you could do, like learn to promote yourself, maximize your metadata and produce great content.  But why waste your time with all of that when you could just show off your boobs?  A new YouTube video is proving that a great rack may be all you need to shortcut your way to YouTube success!

‘Spot the Ukulele’ was uploaded to YouTube just a little over a week ago and has started taking off today.  The video features a girl playing the ukulele and singing ‘Another Hitachi Day’.  Well, at least…it features her boobs.  The girl’s head is cut out of the shot and all we see is her bouncing around playing the ukulele in a number of different outfits that get more and more revealing as the video progresses.  According to the description, this video is an entry into the Another Hitachi Day competition, which invites New Zealanders to upload their cover of ‘Another Hitachi Day’ to YouTube for the chance to win up to $10,000.  She’s apparently hoping that if her singing and ukulele playing isn’t enough to get her to the top, her boobs will be.

Nobody knows for sure who this faceless girl is, but she writes in the description, “If I can get 50,000 views by Friday 29th of April I am going to post an all new encore video!”  Will we see Spot the Ukulele girl’s face in the new video?

Apparently the girl in the video isn’t the only one trying to use her bodily assets to win that $10,000.  A couple of guys named Lars and Matthew have uploaded a Naked Ukuleles version, where they play ‘Another Hitachi Day’ in nothing more than, well…their birthday suits.

But personally, I’m rooting for the Uruti School, a school of only 8 students that want to win the $10,000 for their school.  Their video is adorable, and doesn’t have any boobs or nudity.  But will these kids stand a chance when other contestants are flaunting what they’ve got to make their way to the top?  You be the judge.  Scroll down to the comments and let us know what you think!

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