Wanted: 24 HuffPost Citizen Journos

GW student and D.C.’s resident Citizen Journo Daniel Lippman, take note. This may be just the position for you.

HuffPost is holding a contest to unleash 24 “journalists” on the upcoming presidential elections. Unlike most of their bloggers, who post for free, HuffPost is sending these souls on an all-expense paid trip to the conventions. The winners — up to 12 for each convention — will get official credentials, airfare, hotel accommodation for five nights, and a basic per diem.

But first, you have to take part in a convention season contest and hope and pray they think you’re just goofy and inexperienced enough for the job (no offense, Daniel. They’d be lucky to get you).

Details…“We want to find the best, most creative citizen journalists in America and Canada and send them, at our expense, to cover the conventions in their own way, with their own vision and their own ideas.” By March 8,  send us an embeddable video explaining why we should choose you, what you would cover and which medium (or mix of them) you want to use to do so.”

The greatest part: HuffPost plans to publish these videos. We can hardly wait.

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