WaPo Evasive on Important Buyout Question

What if WaPo doesn’t reach the necessary maximum number of voluntary buyouts?

Some who attended the Town Hall style meetings yesterday at the newspaper found Exec. Editor Marcus Brauchli’s comments too vague for comfort on this point. The bottom line: They want 48 employees to agree to the buyout, 33 will do. For now, this is voluntary. He hopes it will stay that way.

Reports are growing increasingly confusing as to who is eligible and who is not. In a few tweets, Ombudsman Patrick Pexton said that the Investigative Team wasn’t eligible for the buyout. He has corrected this to explain that, in fact, they are eligible. The way it works is this: There are seven employees on the Investigative Team. Up to three can take the buyout. But no one is being forced and maybe none will volunteer. The Post Guild website explains that some are exempt from the buyout altogether: “Certain departments, departmental units, and positions have been exempt from the buyouts, including Foreign, Sports columnists, Style columnists, Outlook, National enterprise and politics teams, and others. Part-timers and recent hires are also exempt.”

See the breakdown of of 33 positions being targeted after the jump…

For up to the minute information on the buyout ordeal, visit the guild website here.

From the Guild website…

Here’s a breakdown of 33 positions targeted by the Post’s offer:
– Up to three employees from News Operations, Research and News IT
– Up to three employees from Style and Features
– Up to three employees from Investigative
– Up to three employees from Universal Desk and News Interactivity
– Up to two employees from Sports
– Up to seven employees from News Presentation and News Video
– Up to nine employees from Local, AKA Metro
– Up to three employees from National’s Economy and Business, and National, Health, Science and Environment teams



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