WaPo Experiments With Local Blog Network

Announced on Washingtonpost.com yesterday: “Introducing the Local Blog Network This week marks the start of an experiment with new content on All Opinions Are Local.

A group of independent bloggers from around the region have agreed to come together in this space to share their thoughts and insights on important local issues. Some of what they provide will be original to this blog, some of it will be excerpted from postings on their home sites, and all we know for certain is that how it fits together will evolve over time.

We’ll find out what works in the pursuit of our larger goal: enlivening this space as a forum for people outside The Post to discuss and debate questions of local interest. To that end, the bloggers won’t be the only voices you hear in All Opinions Are Local. We will continue to mix in commentary by readers, and we hope that some cross-pollination will occur — readers talking back to bloggers, bloggers to readers. We encourage anyone who wants to take part in this conversation to make submissions and post their comments. And if you have ideas for this blog or feedback about how we’re doing, send us a note.

The inaugural members of our Local Blog Network are: David Alpert of Greater Greater Washington, Kenny Burns of Maryland Politics Today, Paige Winfield Cunningham of Old Dominion Watchdog, Peter Galuszka of Bacon’s Rebellion, Dan Malouff of BeyondDC, Christopher ‘Topher’ Mathews of The Georgetown Metropolitan and Sommer Mathis of DCist. Click on their names to learn a little more about them, and remember that what will appear here is just a sample of their work. If you like what you see, we strongly encourage you to spend some time getting to know their home sites, as well.”

–Michael Larabee Letters and Local Opinions Editor Sarah Lovenheim Web Editor and Producer

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