WaPo Salons: Brauchli Responds to OTR Criticisms

According to the NYT, in a letter from WaPo‘s Marcus Brauchli to Charles Pelton, the former WaPo marketing executive allegedly responsible for the WaPo Salon debacle, Brauchli admitted that he was aware that the Weymouth dinners were being promoted as “off the record.”

The letter was released to the NYT by Pelton’s attorney late last week – presumably because Pelton is pursuing legal action against the Washington Post.

Brauchli addressed the letter in his online chat today:

Philly, Pa.: If you know a reporter has reported something about you which is inaccurate, are you not obligated to publicly correct the record?

I’m sorry, sir, but I lost all respect for you after reading the letter you sent to your former colleague. You knew that it was reported that you claimed to have no knowledge of the off-the-record promises, and you chose to allow that to stand. You scapegoated an employee, and misled the public. Of course, that version is being generous, and its every bit as likely that you just lied to the NYT’s reporter, hoping not to get caught.

You lied to your readers. You lied to your employees.
I hope your retirement is happy and fruitful, and I hope it starts very soon.

Marcus Brauchli: When these events were planned, we intended that the information from them would inform and shape our coverage, without attribution. That is not, under our rules, off the record.

They were later promoted as “off the record,” and I knew that before July 2.

As I have said repeatedly since then, I failed to reconcile the language and the intentions, which I should have done.

The notion that I lied to the New York Times “hoping not to get caught” is absurd.

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