WaPo Wine Tasting: ‘Please Check With Your Supervisors Before Attending’

WaPo‘s internal memos can be a hoot.

Today The Washington Post launches its Wine Club. To celebrate, they’re inviting employees to a wine tasting from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The party takes place at the “New Ventures space” or “4th Floor Lennox” where workers will be able to sample wines from the publication’s first shipment.

Our favorite line: “Please check with your supervisor before attending.”

What are they, 12? We think employees are responsible enough to decide if they can attend, don’t you?

As a perkWaPo employees can choose from one of the two options for discounted memberships to The Washington Post Wine Club, explains a memo from Tim Condon, WaPo‘s Director of New Digital Ventures.

  • 30% off first shipment only. This is the standard offer in the marketplace available to anyone. Use code [BLANK]
  • 20% off first shipment, all ongoing shipments and all gifts/wine purchased from the Wine Store. This is an employee-only offer and you must use your employee email to be eligible. Use code [BLANK]

But the memo warns, “For those of you who live in Maryland, state laws currently don’t allow wine shipments to your home. But, we have worked it out with the mailroom so that you may have your Wine Club shipments sent to The Post (just be sure to enter the Post’s mailing address when you place your order). Thanks Mailroom!”

Moving on, Condon writes, “Tell your friends about The Wine Club and be sure to visit washingtonpostwine.com today to join! I hope to see you all at our tasting. Press release announcing our launch is below. Cheers!”

Of course, non-WaPo employees are free to join the club. For more info, visit www.washingtonpostwine.com.


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