WaPo’s Capeheart comes to NYT’s Collins’ Defense

NYT columnist Gail Collins recounts in a weekend column a piece of hate mail she once got from The Donald.

“During one down period, I referred to him in print as a ‘financially embattled thousandaire’ and he sent me a copy of the column with my picture circled and ‘The Face of a Dog!’ written over it.”

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart, who affectionately refers to the real estate mogul and possible GOP presidential hopeful as “Donald Trump (Birther-N.Y.),” called Trump’s stunt “hardly presidential” this morning in an opinion piece.  “As that episode and countless others over the years show, Trump has an impulsive streak as big as his ego and skin as thin as Sarah Palin’s.”

Collins writes that Trump has thrown his hat in the electoral ring before as a potential candidate for both parties. But this time, “of course, he’s suddenly a birther.” She also says Trump “managed to find” a “line of attack loopy enough to stand out from the pack” of Republican candidates. He’s “the man who can make Bill O’Reilly look like the most sensible guy in the room.”

But it wasn’t enough to just attack Trump. She goes on to diss “Celebrity Apprentice,” saying the show is a “perfect reflection of Trump himself: an orgy of product-placement and personal aggrandizement.”

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