WaPo’s Kurtz Lashes Back at Oversensitive Tweeters

Photograph by the Associated Press

WaPo’s Howard Kurtz held strong Monday tweeting his way through the Tiger Woods press conference and subsequent complaints of what he wrote. Find out what led Kurtz to ultimately say: “Lighten up, gang. Some of my Tiger tweets were, shall we say, tongue in cheek. But I thought many of the questions were fairly soft.”

Kurtz explained himself to FishbowlDC last night, saying,
“I was having some fun live-tweeting the Tiger news conference. A few people responded huffily with dead seriousness. Most got it, but that’s the hazard of fooling around on Twitter. Tell a couple of jokes and some people snipe at you as if you’re critiquing the financial reform bill.”

The tweets that incited some followers?

Tiger loved man-hugs from other players. Probably the only kind he’s getting.

No one asking Tiger if he owes the other women an apology. Maybe because the Augusta press is mostly men?

What about the porn stars? No one’s asking Tiger about the porn stars!

Tiger is well-coached, not over-answering. Now we’re up to ‘how’s your knee?’

This is all about letting the press punch itself out so Tiger can stop looking like a cover-up artist and get back to golf.

Tiger still complaining about constant harassment of his family. Says he’ll curtail his negative outbursts. Will he be the same golfer?

Tiger says he had a busted-up lip night of the accident. Didn’t know Elin was that strong.

Tiger apologizes to other players. He looks like hd’d rather be walking on hot coals.

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