WaPo’s Ned Martel: Promises Promises

So far WaPo is full of broken promises when it comes to writer Ned Martel. In May of this year, Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli, steamed as usual, issued that memo about the ex-Style Editor heading to the presidential campaign trail to write features. Brauchli said he was moving to the “formidable team” to cover the “personalities, the offbeat, the veiled dramas that enliven the narrative of our democracy.” God Bless America does that sound patriotic. Was Brauchli joking?

We had high hopes after they stripped Martel of his management tasks (many of which resulted in angering and degrading many of the reporters he was managing). But so far, he has done little on politics. Most of his so-called 2012 presidential trail coverage has been on fashion and the arts.

His last two pieces: Maryland’s football uniforms and Sunday’s Outlook piece on hipster nerd eyeglasses. He also blogged the J. Crew fashion week show in between.

We will keep a watchful eye on Martel’s elusive beat. But in the meantime, we hear he’s starring in a brand new Broadway musical.

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