Warner Music Signs On Outrigger for Video Ad Sales

Music giant Warner Music Group has signed online ad sales company Outrigger Media for its music videos that are displayed across all digital platforms.

The deal comes at a time when the music business is rethinking its long-term strategy for growth, as iPods, mp3 players and other tech advancements have transformed the way consumers access songs and artists they want to hear.

WMG, for example, is developing a strategy that will focus on artists and the close relationships they have forged with their fan bases.

Outrigger will sell pre-roll ads and other formats such as brand sponsorships for WMG videos when they air on third-party like YouTube; and social networks, artist sites and those owned and operated by WMG.

WMG has recently retaken control of its advertising rights from third-party distributors such as YouTube. Going forward, Outrigger, representing WMG, will sell the advertising while YouTube and other distributors will receive a revenue cut.

“This new partnership allows us to leverage Outrigger’s ad targeting platform to effectively exploit key audiences,” said Michael Nash, evp, digital strategy and development at WMG.

Outrigger CEO Mike Henry said that WMG “understands that their most powerful brands are their artists, and the significant investments it makes to develop and strengthen those brands creates enormous opportunities for advertisers.”


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