For This Warren Beatty Interview, Certain Rules Applied

In this Sunday's New York Times, a running commentary from Cara Buckley about the process.

Journalists who interview celebrities are going to be especially appreciative of Cara Buckley’s piece in this Sunday’s New York Times, tied to the upcoming release of Warren Beatty’s Rules Don’t Apply. That’s because she spends a great deal of time sharing “inside baseball” info.

One funny strand is Buckley’s mild irritation that Beatty treated her to a variety of anecdotes that also appear in a Vanity Fair profile. Another observation involves how different her subject was when the tape recorder rolled, versus when the device was turned off:

We also spent two hours talking before he consented to being recorded. Inquisitive and engaging, Mr. Beatty said he wanted to get to know me. But when he finally did go on the record, the colorful tales vanished, the free-flowing chat dried up and his speech became so tortuously stilted that I had to ask why he was suddenly talking like a robot. “If you think I am being careful, you are correct,” he said in a slow drip.

This Beatty M.O. gets a great callback at the end of the piece, when Buckley–after spending a day at the actor’s L.A. home–sat down again in New York with the 79-year-old Richmond, Va. native.

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