Was Vanity Fair Editor on a Private Jet On Bloody Thursday?

Vanity Fair got slammed by cuts yesterday as the Condé Nast bloodbath continues.

The layoffs on Thursday were said to be at least in the double-digits and ranged from fact-checkers to senior editors, the New York Post reports.

Staffers say that Carter wasn’t in the building to deliver the news personally, despite being seen at his restaurant, Monkey Bar, Wednesday night. The Post reports that he was on his way to begin a vacation on Thursday.

And Silicon Alley Insider is saying that at least once source claims Carter’s vacation was to Bermuda and he was getting there via private jet. “Repeat: Sources say Graydon Carter missed layoff day at his magazine because he was on a private jet to Bermuda.”

We hope this is false, but if you know more, tell us.