Washington Monthly Adds 2

Meanwhile, Anne Kim gets a new role.

Washington Monthly adds two to its staff.

Gilad Edelman joins as an editor who will be working mainly on the bi-monthly print magazine. He has written for publications that include Slate and The New Yorker.

Saahil Desai will be a digital editor responsible for operations for the website and social media. He had previously interned at Washington Monthly, as well as The American Prospect.

Meanwhile, Anne Kim, who had been policy editor, is moving to a new role as senior writer.

“The Washington Monthly has a great track record of hiring talented young editors who make their mark at our magazine and go on to be star journalists. Gilad and Saahil fit nicely into that tradition,” said editor in chief Paul Glastris in a statement. Those sentiments are reinforced by the publication’s founding philosophy:

The Washington Monthly was founded in 1969 on the notion that a handful of plucky young writers and editors, armed with an honest desire to make government work and a willingness to ask uncomfortable questions, could tell the story of what really matters in Washington better than a roomful of Beltway insiders at a Georgetown dinner party.

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