The Washington Post Co. Adds State-Focused Blogs

The Washington Post company has rolled out a new network of blogs focused on state politics.

The new collection of sites, housed at, was born out of a blog posting by Chris Cillizza, who pens The Washington Post’s The Fix Blog.  Over a year ago, Cillizza asked his readers to recommend the top local blogs focused on state politics, and then recently revealed a “best of” list that covered each of the 50 states.

Now, following The Washington Post’s recent launch of the Beltway-focused, the publisher has partnered with ten of the top independent, state-centric blogs that its readers unearthed.

Going forward Post-staffers plan to highlight top stories from blogs such as the Alabama-based Doc’s Political Parlor or The Iowa Republican on a daily basis, and individual bloggers will be called upon to provide coverage and analysis for

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