Washington Post Company Launches Personal News Aggregation Site Trove

Today the Washington Post Company launched Trove, a free, personalized site that aggregates news across individually chosen subjects and major headlines of the day. The site uses Facebook Connect to pull in a user’s interests based on their Facebook profile to start the personalization process.

On top of that, an editorial team selects news of the day and subject-based channels for users to pick from.  Users can also create their own channels if their favorite subject isn’t listed on Trove, “whether it’s a ‘Belieber’ channel about Justin Bieber or the price of oil in the Middle East,” according to the press release.

So what channels would some of the biggest celebrities choose for Trove? Taiwanese Next Media Animation explains how to use Trove in an animated video featuring Oprah, Obama, Sarah Palin, and Justin Bieber. Watch Obama hopefully choose articles like “Obama Still Reasonably Popular” and Palin shoot fire out of her eyes at “Levi Johnston’s Sister: Playboy is a ‘Good Choice’.”

Video after the jump.