Washington Post‘s Weekly Biz Mag Has Launched

The Washington Post yesterday unveiled its new Capital Business Magazine, a weekly look at DC-area business news. The subscription-only magazine will be free to Washington Post subscribers through May 10. Only WaPo subscribers will be eligible for the magazine, and even they will have to pay $49 in addition to their normal subscription rates.

The Post has put an online preview of Capital Business‘ content here, and a digital replica of the print version here. (The digital replica is really cute — there is even a “rustling paper” sound effect each time you click to turn a page.) Articles include “Ben’s Chili Bowl Considers Expansion,” “Can Washington Seize Its Economic Moment?” and “A Pitch to Make Utensils Eco-Friendly.”

Read on for the first issue’s masthead.

• Dan Beyers, editor
• V. Dion Haynes, managing editor
• Meredith Bowen, art director
• Staff writers Jonathan O’Connell, Marjorie Censer, Nicole Norfleet
• Ed Thiede, chief production editor
• Phil Kushin, copy editor
• Jeffrey MacMillan, staff photographer
• Vanessa Mizell, aide
• Arnie Applebaum, general manager
• Sean Scullion, account manager