WATCH: GoldieBlox Shows You ‘Your Brain on Princess’

Now that the much-discussed spat between GoldieBlox and The Beastie Boys has been settled, the gender-stereotype-challenging toy company is back with a new, equally-clever (but probably less legal action-inducing) commercial.

The spot, titled “This is Your Brain on Princess,” is a threefold masterpiece. Not only does the ad’s focus on an egg perfectly spoof that classic “This is Your Brain on Drugs” PSA, but it’s perfectly-timed for Easter toy-buying, and manages to hammer home the point that little girls, like eggs, either crack under the pressure of a beauty-obsessed culture, or hatch by fully recognizing their multifaceted potential. Pretty brilliant.

Sure, it might seem like the ad is suggesting that all little girls need to aspire to be engineers in order to reach that full potential, but that’s not really the greater message; the point appears to be, as the spot states, “girls are more than princesses — they’re our greatest resource,” and encouraging them to play with all sorts of toys, not just princess dolls, can help them recognize this about themselves.

If this ad makes a few people reconsider sticking those Barbies in their daughters’ Easter baskets, we imagine it will have done what it set out to do.

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