Watch iPad Video on a Goggle-based Virtual 62-inch Screen

Here’s the situation I ran into yesterday. A pair of:

Vuzix iWear AV920

video goggles arrived (purchased) and I didn’t have anything nearby with a VGA output port to test with. But, wait a minute! I had my iPad and an iPad VGA connector. The glasses need external power from a USB port. But, fortunately, powered USB ports were available. So, I plugged in the USB cable to a USB port and the goggles VGA connector to my iPad and started a video. And, yes, video appeared inside of the goggles simulating a 62-inch screen viewed from 9 feet away. I had to get sound from the iPad itself since the AV920 assumes that sound is provided from USB on a PC.

Note that the AV920 is designed to work with a PC and not an iPad or iPhone. So, these comments are not criticisms in any way. It did get me to start thinking about buying a powered viewing goggles compatible with the iPad or iPhone though.