Watch Out For Spammy Kindle Books

With Amazon’s self-publishing tools available to just about anyone with a computer, it is no surprise that there is questionable content in the Kindle store.

David Chernicoff, a blogger at ZDNET discovered a title with links to spam site in a recent eBook that he purchased in the Kindle store for $2.99. He explains more in his post. “At my fiancée’s request, I downloaded a wedding related Kindle eBook that focused on something she’s interested in.  It turned out to be a 10 paragraph common sense list that had very little to do with the topic, but also had a bunch of hotlinks to a ‘special bonus for kindle readers’ which linked to a scam ‘change your life if you read this free document’ site with a charge me for a subscription every two weeks’ poorly disguised link.”

The idea of buying a spammy eBook makes me worry about downloading a virus onto my Kindle. Shouldn’t Amazon be more careful with its content?