Watch People Freak Out About Losing Their Smartphones in Chevy’s Latest Prank

Duping people to sell cars

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Chevrolet is back at scaring everyday folks, this time threatening to destroy the one thing most Americans can't function without—their smartphones.

Building off of its entertaining campaign earlier this year, Chevy has a new set of prank ads that scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting people who thought they had signed up for a focus group, only to find out that they are actually the stars of a new ad campaign.

A series of eight, two-minute ads dupe people while also plugging features of the brand's cars.

One spot in particular, dubbed "Woodchipper," plays out every tech-savvy person's nightmare, when a group of people are told to fork over their smartphones as part of a focus group for a marketing research company.

As the name of the spot implies, things go downhill from there when the phones are chucked into a machine, causing all hell to break loose.

"It's kind of terrifying how many things are connected to my phone—and I want to punch you in the face," says a woman in the spot.

But of course, there's a twist.

Given how attached people are to their mobile devices, it's a smart plug for Chevy's built-in Wi-Fi, even if it does come off as a bit of a gimmick.

Check out the other seven spots below:

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