Watch to Display BlackBerry Alerts? Many Have Tried This Idea, None of Have Succeeded So Far

Result of searching for “phone watch” in Google

There are some ideas that never die even though they don’t seem to succeed after many tries. The phone built into a watch concept is usually credited to cartoonist Chester Gould who wrote about comic strip detective Dick Tracy’s two-way radio wrist watch in 1946 (it was later upgraded to provide video in 1964). I recall seeing a gigantic watch with a built-in phone at Comdex from, if I recall correctly, Seiko at Comdex in 1999. And, I saw a prototype Bluetooth watch accessory that worked with Windows Mobile smartphones a few years ago. This item noted by CrackBerry falls into the last category…

First Images: BlackBerry Watch is FOR REAL!

The InPulse watch CrackBerry discusses is not a BlackBerry, nor is it a phone. It is an accessory for a BlackBerry that can display notifications from a BlackBerry on the watch face.

Personally, I think it is a great idea that I’ve been watching being reimplemented in various forms for a decade now. I hope this idea takes off someday because I want one for either the iPhone or Windows Mobile phone (or maybe an Android).

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