Watching a Pro Artist Learning to Use SketchBook Pro

Images courtesy of Jim Lee (via Twitpic)

Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro is a $7.99 drawing app for the iPad. So, what happens when a professional comicbook artist gets his hands on an iPad with SketchBook Pro and starts doodling with a fingertip instead of a pencil or pen? Check out DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee’s drawings with comments on Twitpic at:

You’ll find an interesting sequence of 11 drawings that shows how the piece above evolved. You can also see a 3 sequence sketch of a portrait of the Joker in Jim Lee’s Twitpic stream.

Plain ol’ awesome. Let’s hope Jim places more of his iPad SketchPro drawing experiments on Twitpic.

Via SciFi Wire: Jim Lee draws legendary DC Comics characters on his iPad

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