Watercooler Partners With SI To Launch Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football for Facebook

It was only a matter of time before fantasy football invaded Facebook in a major way, and the time has come. Sports Illustrated has teamed up with Watercooler, one of the leaders in fantasy sports games, to launch “Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football”, which combines Watercooler’s social elements and sporting gameplay with SI’s incredible sport score resources. The game will surely mark the beginning of a battle for Facebook fantasy sports turf.

The game is a standard fantasy football league, which differentiates itself by connecting to SI.com and SI Mobile, so players can play wherever they are. The game offers a ton of information which is one of the most vital things for fantasy league players. If players can get their information and make trades with a few clicks, it enhances their experience. The game offers SI.com Fantasy Intelligence Reports, including breaking news, analysis and advice, player performance updates, video reports and commentary from SI’s leading fantasy and football experts.

The game itself connects with Facebook by allowing players to posting news to Facebook feeds, and also allowing players to ‘cheer’ for their teams and invite their friends to also join their group. This mode is called the FanZone and seems to be an interesting viral/social feature.

“Avid fantasy players and fans already look to SI for real time breaking news and analysis that can provide them an edge on Sundays,” said Kenneth Fuchs, Vice President and General Manager of Sports Illustrated Digital. “Working with a partner like Watercooler – a leader in social sports application development and audience engagement – really provides SI an edge to offering the most comprehensive and accessible game on the market. With players now able to play seamlessly across Facebook, SI.com and mobile and combining our award-winning content and SI brand with Watercooler’s social game engine and avid fan base should build on the success SI has had in offering scaled and innovative products at the intersection of sports and social media.”

The partnership is between the Sports Illustrated Digital Group and Watercooler, Inc. and represents the second time that we’ve seen big sports game makers hooking up with big brands. The first was when Yahoo purchased Citizen Sports and announced plans to combine their fantasy leagues into a larger product.The game will

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