Waxman and Finke are Flaming Each Other Again

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – the problem with entertainment writers is they write for people who don’t read so they have to resort to theatrics in order to get attention.

We honestly had to wonder if this is even news. This has become the “dog bites man” story of LA media.

Nikki Finke

TheWrap (aka TheCrap) keeps getting turned down by the private investment companies which it has recently approached for survival funding — Saban, Shamrock, and a long list of others. And the new owners of The Hollywood Reporter aren’t interested in buying the website, given its deteriorating situation, although it’s been offered to them again and again. Meanwhile, several more current staffers are openly looking for new jobs in this tough media market.

Sharon Waxman wrote us personally to deny the charges:

how are you? i’m reaching out because nikki finke is on a crazy tear of misinformation about thewrap, clearly she feels threatened about something, because – i suppose – we’re busy winning awards, securing new capital, and establishing big-time partnerships (we’ll have a press release on that today).

anyway, she’s writing lies, i wanted you to know this, and hope you will call if you have any questions.

We’re told Saban and Shamrock didn’t turn TheWrap down. Other than that it’s hard to verify the cryptic.

Meanwhile, Joe Adalian left and TheWrap’s numbers are down. Of course, so are Nikki’s even though they are still nearly triple TheWrap’s.

But The Hollywood Reporter’s global page views are up. So Nikki and Sharon were possibly due for some more mutual flaming.

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