Footballer Wayne Rooney Joins Twitter (Gets 100K Followers In One Day, Doesn’t Tweet In Grunts)

When I started writing this piece my initial angle was that somebody pretending to be football and Manchester United megastar Wayne Rooney had signed up to Twitter – I mean, the account has no avatar and it all reads a little spoofy – but further investigation has revealed that it is actually him. And he’s clocked up over 100,000 followers in less than 24 hours.

The frightening part? He can string a sentence together. Kind of.

I mean, take a look for yourself:

Okay, so it isn’t Henry James, but there are only a couple of spelling and grammatical errors in that one tweet. Amazing. Those Peter And Jane books have really paid off.

Rooney, who revealed he is tweeting under the username @Wazzaroon08 because of United’s Champions League win over Chelsea in Moscow in 2008, was outed on Twitter by fellow club and England teammate (and verified Twitter user) Rio Ferdinand.

Additional credence has been given by tweets to and from Rooney’s (long-suffering) wife Coleen, who tweets under the alias @ColeenRoo. Mrs Rooney only joined Twitter a couple of days ago but has already been fending off allegations from the Twitter collective that her husband is up to his old tricks. Again.

As you might expect, this morning Wayne and his missus have mostly been tweeting about the Easter bunny and what he brought for their 18-month old baby son, Kai. Mrs Rooney also revealed that “bagels, church and family visits” are on her agenda today, but didn’t say whether Wayne will be joining her.

Perhaps he’s busy enjoying the Easter holiday television. But fans need not worry: the BBC have him scheduled to make an appearance later this week.

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