We Bombed The Moon|An Interview With FTC Assistant Director Cleland|USA TODAY‘s Circulation Is Down|Playboy Bunny Marge Simpson

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TVNewser: A look at today’s moon bombing.

PRNewser: FTC assistant director Richard Cleland speaks on the new federal guidelines about endorsements for free products. “We have never brought a case against a consumer endorser and we’ve never brought a case against somebody simply for failure to disclose a material connection,” he said. “Where we have brought cases, there are other issues involved, not only failing to disclose a material connection but also making other misrepresentations about a product, a serious product like a health product or something like that.”

Editor & Publisher: USA TODAY will report a 17 percent decline in circulation at the end of this month, threatening its position as the number one newspaper in the U.S. based on circulation.

Jezebel: Marge Simpson poses for the cover of Playboy.

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