We Need Your Help: Who’s Funniest?

The official word on why the Commedia crown is still in contention: Upon late-night review of Friday’s performances at the National Press Club, the judges who included former CNN Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre and Fox News Business reporter Rich Edson noticed a few errant chads hanging loosely in the applause. This casts doubt on their decision to award WCP‘s Brooke Hatfield the Commedia crown and title of “DC’s Funniest Journalist.” Others who had the most clapping in the first round of voting include the following performers: Award-winning documentary producer and former anchor at WUSA Mike Walter and WaPo columnist John Kelly.

So the jury is STILL out.

Congress (i.e. the powers that be at Commedia del Media) has mandated a re-vote to commence immediately prior to total government shutdown. We’ve agreed to host the vote.

The finalists are:

1. Mike Walter: Watch here.

2. Brooke Hatfield: Watch here.

3. John Kelly: Watch here.

Watch the videos. Cast your vote. We’ll tally the numbers.You’re on the honor code to vote just once.

Write us at FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com.

Find out other weird details about the evening…

Other factoids from Friday night:

NJ‘s Matt Cooper bowed out because of illness about two hours before the show. Maybe best, since they ran almost an hour over schedule. Nearly all the performers ran long, but people were laughing, so they kept going.

Freelancer Tim Young brought his own show choir to hype his performance.

Jamila Bey fresh off a “10-year sentence” at NPR went off on the radio network’s inability to communicate.

Bloomberg TV‘s Lizzie O’Leary’s father and step-mother were in attendance. She had a disclaimer about her act read before she performed, which instructed her father to put on ear muffs–probably for her joke about Kathleen Sebelius and “the world’s most dangerous vagina.”

Kelly performed a song in appreciation of his colleague Eugene Robinson.

Headliner Miles O’Brien started his act by explaining how he just flew in from doing a story in Chernobyl then taking off a baseball hat filled with loose hair.

Nick Galifianakis did such a kick-ass job as emcee that he’s now receiving inquiries about taking his routine to headline big conferences.

After all expenses, they raised about $6000 for charity. Funds will be split between the Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders, and NPC’s Eric Friedheim national journalism library. The event technically sold out at 350 tickets. Beyond that, organizers put people up in the balconies and had them standing at cocktail tables.

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