Weather Channel for Android 2.3.14 More Than a Minor Point-Dot Update

Why, I wondered, would someone send a press release about an app update with a version number of 2.3.14. What could possibly be in a “minor dot” update release? However, since I use The Weather Channel for Android app on my Droid and Nexus One, I kept reading. It turns out this is more than the minor-dot number indicates. It has a new, and I think improved, look and adds weather facts and “TruPoint Nowcasts.” Most important for me is that the widget problems I’ve been seeing for the past couple of weeks disappeared. My widget has collapsed into a tiny unreadable rectangle prior to this update. This new release provides a choice of three widgets. I chose the “wide” view which provides the current temperature and temperature ranges for three days. This update was definitely a welcome one for me and my Android phones.

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