Weather Channel’s Mobile Pitch for Barack and Mitt

Jumptap partnership aims to draw election dollars this fall

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Few brands have ramped up their mobile monetization efforts this summer more than The Weather Channel, and now the publisher is taking aim at political advertising money going into the fall.

TWC announced today a partnership with mobile marketing provider Jumptap to offer everyone from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to local candidates like Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner (mayoral opponents in San Diego) the chance to target the weather forecast provider’s 30 million monthly mobile users.

Political candidates can target their ads down to the city block, according to TWC, while running banners and rich media promotions. Marketers who represent ballot issues can also buy the ad placements, the Smyrna, Ga.-based company said. The ads will home in on mobile users based on either the ZIP code they’ve registered on their phone/tablet device or, in the case of iPhone and Android users, by the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates accessed through the app on their devices.

A TWC spokesperson added, “As an aside, nearer to Election Day, we can also offer targeted weather triggering, allowing campaigns to trigger ads to run if it rains, snows, etc.—in case they need an extra push to get people to the polls.”

TWC said it’s currently in talks with operatives from “major political campaigns,” though no partnerships had been finalized.

The brand has emphasized mobile in the last two months, signing an ad deal with Travelers, developing its Foursquare presence and teaming up with the Mobile Marketing Asociation to improve mobile analytics.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.