Webcasting Firm ON24 Drives Engagement With New Social Features

ON24, the global leader in virtual events and webcasting, has announced that it will be adding new social features to its popular webcasting platform in order to drive engagement between webcasters and their audiences. The new social features include Twitter integration, group chat, and hosted Q&A discussion sessions.

ON24’s webcasting platform is used for a wide variety of virtual events, including conferences, product launches, training, continuing education, executive announcements, virtual trade shows and more. The new social features that have been incorporated into the platform will greatly increase engagement and give viewers a lot more control over their viewing experience, as well as contribute to the community feel of webcasts and virtual events.

ON24 anticipates that the new social platform will greatly increase engagement and satisfaction on the site. The new social features, particularly Twitter integration, are bound to drive more traffic to webcasts, as well as to drive traffic to the hosts’ websites. Not only will this increase brand awareness for webcasting hosts, but will also give them the opportunity to communicate more freely with their viewers and develop stronger relationships with current and potential customers. Because of these benefits Mark Szelenyi, Director of Product Marketing at ON24, expects to raise the premium charge for the service by about 50 percent.

The new social webcasting platform will go into beta release later on this week. The platform has been in development and testing for about a year, and will be in a beta testing phase until the end of May. At that point, the site intends to make the platform available to all customers.

In the past I have been let down by webcasts and live streaming broadcasts because I felt that although I was watching live I was still an outsider, watching on in silence. Social features, such as those added by ON24, should do a lot to boost the success of webcasting, engaging viewers by giving them a voice and helping to build the relationship between hosts and their audiences.

Have you felt isolated by webcasts in the past? How do you think ON24’s new social features will contribute to engagement?